Thursday, May 03, 2007

Question of the Day

How do you feel about snitching?


Brother Spotless said...

The silly component of the media coverage of the "Stop Snitching" campaign is that it is being marketed as a new idea, as if the entire mafia didn't thrive on such tight-lipped notions for decades.

To the question at hand: I am against the stop snitching campaign, but I do believe law enforcement ought to be more proactive in its effeorts to be a trustworthy entity. Also, actual witness protection (as opposed to simple witness relocation) could stand to be strengthened.

Brother Smartness said...

A lot of these folks need to take Philosophy 101.

I have to disagree with you about it being marketed as a new idea.

There's something different about this code and maybe it has to do with the individuals who are the face of hip-hop.

When I heard Cam talk about maintaining his vow of silence if a serial killer were living next door, I was truly saddened.

A code has logic; it has a structure.

The stop snitching movement, despite the arguments of some, lacks both.

Brother Spotless said...

Yes, it does indeed lack both. And Cam is an idiot for saying and/or believing such things.

This movement is based on the same premise that the mafia used in it's no snitching "campaign":

-if you rat on your own, you're disloyal
-if you rat on an enemy, you're a punk (keeping it clean here)
-justice is to be dolled out based on a "code of the streets," that can vary from place to place.

The fact that this movement lacks structure and logic does not make it a new ideology; it simply makes it a not-so-well-thought-out version of the same movement.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that some of these mafia bosses ended up being FBI informants like in the movie The Departed. So it's another case of the preacher telling the congregation one thing, while dipping into the collection plate.

As it pertains to hip-hop, I wish that someone a little bit more verbose and whats the word... oh yeah... intellectual, would have talked about it. Most black people that I know have an inherant distrust of the police. I think this has to do with the fact that the police are as close to "slavemasters" as you can get. They can beat and kill black people, usually without any consequence. So I think part of the ethics of "stop snitching" is that black people dont want to be affiliated with cops.

Furthermore, I think even as children we're taught no to "snitch" or be a "tattle-tell". I mean, no one liked that kid that would tell the teacher everything that happened when the substitute was in. I personally think that the stop snitching movement is a bit more complex than a lot of these rappers understand it to be.

Then again, I have to ask the question why these national news outlets continue to select these guys as the black culture "head negroes in charge" to borrow a term from one of my black professors.


Martin said...
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Jersey Slugger said...

I'm against snitching. Never help the enemy (the police primarily...the U.S. government in many ways secondarily) when you can avoid it (outside of mandatory ish like taxation).

Brother Smartness said...

So how do you feel about Cam'ron's comments with regards to having a serial killer in apt 4B?

In those kinds of circumstances is it justified to get at the police?