Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Music Video of the Year


Brother Spotless said...

Seriously, does Dre rap or spit poetry? Not to start a never-ending ontological debate discussing the differences, but in this song Dre is blurring the line between the two.

Break down the lyrics. You will find that each and every word has meaning and no words lie outside the realm of the song. Dre's verse is magnificent. I'll have to wait before I call it a summer jam, since part of that definition (at least for me) lies in a song's total popularity, and I'm not sure if UGK's verses will register (which is ironic because this is their song). However, I will enjoy this one for a while...

Anonymous said...

Most definitely a great video and record (mostly cuz of Dre in my opinion but what ever)... T-Pain the overzealous choir boy: hilarious!!! And that Roddy Piper remark was so unexpected.

Brother Smartness said...

The production was sincere. The tight snare comin' in on Bun B's verse and then dropping out on Big Boi's is hot.

I like how the message of the song and video deteriorate as it progresses.

I like how there aren't any elders at the reception. Because you know if they were there, there'd be no brawl.

I feel a harsh critique on this video coming on..., so let me wrap this up.

I can respect Dre's verse because it's witty. The other verses have an element of skillfullness, but the lyrics retell the same sad story of the commidification of women that we're all far too familiar with.

And the deceptively soulful chorus will have you thinking this is a love song.

Setting all that aside, (which I can't bring myself to realistically do) the video is tight. Dungeon Famlay and Three 6 Mafia cameos were unexpected, but in the end Dre saves this song for me. Something tells me, however, that the song would have been received well by fans if Dre weren't on it.

solgenique said...

For what the song is and its lyrical content, it's a good video.

Brother Spotless said...

I'm not going to jump to a conclusion just yet, so instead of calling the song genius, I'll simply say that the song is put together in an intelligent manner.

While I agree that the value of womanhood is degraded once again, I do find it important to note that Andre, rapping 1st, is the reason the song works for me. His lyrics, discussing how happy he is to get married and dive into a life with one person for the rest of his life (how refreshing is that?), makes the other verses (and those individuals rapping them) seem fairly pathetic (both in delivery and message). Adding to that, he basically calls them "that old head at the club" at the beginning of the video before the wedding starts.

Andre's verse is so much smarter, so much wittier, so much classier than the other verses that I listen to it and subliminally hear him laughing at the others for their infantile lyrical abilities as well as their amateur messages. He's almost snobbish with his delivery; I love it!