Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Rant

A lot has been said about Roger Williams University’s longtime chairman Ralph Papitto and the N-Bomb he dropped in a board meeting. My question is simple: why?

Ralph Papitto is an 80 year old white man; the fact that he’d know how to use the n-word is not surprising, nor am I shocked or distressed that he’d actually use it when discussing potential black board members. When are we, black folks, going to get past the fact that racism exists, especially among people who were born less than 70 years after slavery ended?

Why black America is up in arms about this is beyond me. I really do not know why we are still passionate about this stuff, especially considering the fact that many of us use the same term in similar ways. In addition, where is this passion when it comes to issues that really affect our community, like economic development and parental responsibility? I guess that fruit doesn’t hang low enough for us…

Maybe the NAACP will see fit to use this trip into the realm of Caucasoid ignorance as an example of why it was necessary for them to provide America with a funeral procession FOR A DAMN WORD. Clearly, I would view that as a crying shame, and yet another example of what current black American leadership is lacking: LEADERSHIP.

For the record, the n-word is indeed a problematic entity within American culture, if for no other reason than it has yet to be fully comprehended within the context of popular culture as well as anything concerning the world we currently live in. However, to continually condemn folks who use it when we as black folks won’t take the time and energy necessary to fully understand its historical relevance as well as the current platform it props itself upon is as much hypocritical as it is ridiculous.

Until black folks decide to exert at least the same amount of energy toward issues that actually affect black America in real terms, I will continue to turn my nose up at folks who dwell on n-word etiquette.

I will now step down from my soapbox...

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