Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Before I Continue...

As it becomes clearer to me that I will continue this 1L diary, I find it important to note a few things:

• What I will report is a firsthand account of one person’s experience, that of my own. How I see events play out and the means with which I choose to handle myself and the situations I am in are necessarily through my personal lens. That is to say that I do not speak to a capital “T” truth-value of anything; I simply speak from my own perspective.

• Understanding that, it is my hope to demystify the law school experience. I walked in to this experience having been privy to many a story involving issues such as cantankerous professors, sleepless nights spent in the library, and ultra-competitive, Type-A personality students. Some of the stories I have heard have born a significant amount of truth, while others have yet to find a connection within my reality. If I do nothing else, I plan to show how the average black man can navigate this ordeal.

• Please always remember that this diary is the manifestation of a “work in progress” in written form. There may be things I write in the future that contradict previous statements (like that whole confidence thing I wrote about before…).

• Finally, I should note that I find writing to be therapeutic, and thus these written thoughts serve me as well, in that they allow me to play the subjective/objective game. I can tell my subjective story, while looking at it objectively (always enjoyable).

With that said…

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