Sunday, September 02, 2007

Two Years Later

Now that more than two years have passed since the Hurricane Katrina disaster, I am curious to know if time has healed any wounds. Does the memory of the aftermath of the hurricane still produce anger and frustration? Have you blocked that memory out of your mind? Have you simply moved on? What say you?

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Truths And Rights said...

"George Bush doesn't care about Black people" -K. West
Katrina is forever burned into the mind of this man! It is on that 9/11 level with me. I saw a person die on national TV, while watching Anderson Cooper, I believe. Two years later and NOLA still ain't right. The whole situation didn't have to go down the way it went down. Refusal of aid from other nations? Lack of proper Federal response. And what gets me the most is that this still hasn't awakend many Americans, especially Black ones, that the Federal government really doesn't like poor people of any color for that matter. The United States of America has strayed far, far from what its purpose was, or was stated to be. The Statue of Liberty, needs to extinguish her torch. The Liberty Bell should be shattered to a million pieces. The Constitution should be used as W's toilet paper, because to me, one born in this land but not of its culture, America stands for regression, repression, and backwards thinking. During the midst of an American obeisty crisis, McDonalds is opening the first drive thru's in Chinese history. While New Orleans refguees are scattered across the nation, still awaiting the rebuilt city, American troops are in Iraq, "liberating". While thousands of homeless wander our streets in search of jobs and homes, our government goes deeper and deeper into debt spending on the only weapons of mass destruction that are actively destroying homes of innocents. America is asleep as a nation, and refuses to wake up. REMEBER KATRINA, because when, pardon me, the shit hits the fan, you better know that you are on your own!