Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Justice Clarence Thomas on 60 Minutes


Brother Lightness said...

Say what you want about Thomas, but his personal story is simply incredible.

solgenic said...

What a fluff piece. "He's a good guy. No,really! He is! Look, he rides RVs and parks at Walmart!"

I'm not sure what is "simply incredible" about his personal story. It sounds like just about every African-American of note from that era's back story. And after watching this story, his professional achievements are mediocre, at best. Maybe the rest of his Supreme Court colleagues have equally unimpressive credentials, but 60 Minutes isn't profiling any of them.

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor graduated near the top of her class (not "somewhere around the middle") and couldn't get hired as a lawyer in a private firm. I know Stanford isn't Yale, but perhaps it wasn't his Yale degree that made it difficult for him to find a job?

I'm not discussing his politics since I don't know anything about them, but this PR stunt is pathetic. Nobody to challenge his story? No counterpoints? No "hardball" questions? Just stupid questions he could answer by saying, "that's just silliness! Pffft! C'mon!"

Brother Lightness said...

"I'm not sure what is "simply incredible" about his personal story. It sounds like just about every African-American of note from that era's back story."

And that isn't incredible in its own right?

Do me a favor, take a trip to the sharecropping South and let me know how many budding Supreme Court Justices you come across.

Brother Spotless said...

I think what Solgenic is trying to say is, "so what?" Or rather, "what importance does his life story have for the rest of us?" What do we take away from an individual's life story who used every opportunity available as a step ladder to his success, then seemingly wants to remove the ladder before the rest of us can reach our goals?

No Supreme Court Justice's life story is anything less than incredible, so saying that this Supreme Court Justice's life story is incredible may be deemed redundant.

Solgenic is clearly looking for more than simple "he overcame some shit" wording, especially since the man who Justice Thomas replaced overcame some shit to the nth degree. But Solgenic (and Brother Lightness, correct me if I'm wrong), Lightness did not intend to go further than to simply (albeit redundantly) say that the man became a Supreme Court Justice, and that's incredible.

True indeed.

solgenic said...
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Brother Smartness said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Solgenic. But since we're discussing a Supreme Court Justice, it's only right that I should offer a concurring opinion.

Justice Thomas is an intelligent man, but I think he finds more merit in having the courage to go against opposition than the merit that is inherent to doing what is just.

He's gifted with faculties to dissect the most complex of cases. But, like so many slaves who suffered at the whip because the master's bible prescribed slavery's merit, Justice Thomas is to mypoic to see that the constitution can not be interpreted as it was conceived by it's founders when it comes to issues such as abortion and affirmative action.

I see a troubled man in this video. I see a man at odds with his race as evidenced by his near reduction to tears when he described his grandfathers advice on interaction with white people. "Boy...Don't you ever look a white woman in the eye."

I'm sure many of us 80's babies have heard similar, albiet less dramatic, cautioning on miscegenation in spite of our upbringing in a different era.

There are days when I just want to give Justice Thomas a hug. Behind that poised and stern exterior, there is a man who wants to do what is right. But, as is often the case with men in position of authority, castigation by the masses will only strengthen the resolve of their ideologies.