Thursday, December 20, 2007


To say that I am relieved to have completed my first semester of law school is an understatement; by the time the last exam rolled around (contracts), I was really running on empty. However, I knew I had given my all to those exams. If you are a sports fan or a former athlete, the term “I left it on the field” should explain how I felt in shorthand. Now I wait for the results. But whatever I get, I know I earned it.

Some observations:

  • A total of six people dropped out of law school between November 19 and December 19, and I was shocked to find that those individuals were the ones to leave. These were some of the more confident (acting) people in the class. I guess the lesson learned here is: don’t worry about what other people are doing/saying during the semester, because the pressure-cooker that is the lead-up to exams (as well as the exam period itself) is the ultimate equalizer. For every successful asshole who thinks he knows everything and doesn’t mind sharing his arrogance with others, there’s an unsuccessful asshole who thought he could fool everyone into fearing his supposed intellectual supremacy.

  • On a similar note, one of the individuals to drop out actually showed up for the first exam. Word is the night before he was bragging about how he knew all he needed to know through mentally synthesizing class discussions, and therefore did not need to study (my guess is that by the time this story found its way to my ears, some truth had been stretched. I am inclined to believe the essence of it because I personally heard him express similar sentiments earlier in the semester, only half-jokingly). I saw him sitting in a chair no more than ten minutes before the exam began, but people in his class told me he never entered the exam room. While I do find joy in the thought of him sitting outside of the exam room, mere minutes from launch, coming to the conclusion that his arrogance was tragically misplaced (I find great joy in that, actually), I feel bad for his classmates. If he was going to dropout, he could have simply taken the exam, failed it, thus lowering the curve. Those classmates were four hours from at least a half-grade bump. Bummer.

  • During my property exam, I saw a grown man cry. Not in any wimpy boo-hoo fashion, but in that red-complexioned, lip-biting, bitter beer faced appearance that white folks get when they are frustrated (that’s not racist comment, just an observation. Black folks can look like clowns too when we get frustrated). I almost cracked up during the exam, but then I realized that I wanted to cry mere minutes before. When I tell you that this exam was a BEAST, I don’t speak of wild boar in Arkansas. I am talking about Minotaurs and the Werewolf of London. In order to “get” conveyances, you have to “get” all of them; you can’t BS through them, and there is no analysis. 108 of these sons-of-bitches is enough to make anyone wimper, so I can’t blame the guy who cried…

  • I began the exam period studying in groups, but soon found it much better to study on my own. I found that as the semester ended, there was a rush to form groups with the smartest people available, which is silly because no one really knew who’s smart and who’s not, so the entire occurrence amounted to little more than a popularity contest (I believe I’ve mentioned before that the similarities between law school and high school are uncanny). I thought I had a good group of people (and there could actually have been some smart individuals in the group), but I soon found that group dynamics don’t allow for an individual to learn all he/she needs for the exam. Given that the majority of an exam-takers job is to issue spot and analyze, it is important to be able to pick up on all the issues. But if everyone is yelling out the issues, all you can do is listen to others, not actually learn how to better spot issues. I am sure I hurt feelings (not on purpose, but also not important), but I had to leave the group. Since the practice of law is largely spent in solitude, it makes sense that the study would be as well. We’ll see…

    And now I sleep.


Brother Smartness said...

Another blog post to archive in the Law School Prep Material Folder.

Great post, bruh.

Looking forward to seeing a bit more of you now that you've got that monkey off your back...and the drinks are on you!

solgenic said...

Congrats, Brother Spotless. I hope you're able to enjoy some sort of recoup period.

Brother Lightness, Brother Smartness, Brother Spotless - a "Happy New Year" to y'all and yours (including your silent business partners here at PGM.)