Saturday, March 08, 2008

On the Road Playlist

I've been trying to get together a good playlist of music that I'm going to call "On the Road."

I came upon Les Deesses while doing a search for Congolese music. To my dismay, my background check on their Congolese origins came up negative. As it so happens, two of them hail from the French Antilles and the remaining sister is from Cameroon. describes Les Deesses (French for Goddesses) as an "Afro-Zouk pop trio that made waves in Africa, the Carribbean, and France." 

The group leader is Lylah, which I find pretty impressive given she's only 19 years old (the other two group members are both 21).

When I first heard this track I immediately fell in love with it. The production is plush and the lyrics are tight. The song is about a move to Paris and the change that inevitably takes place during the time apart from a loved one. 

The song has been out for a minute (since July of 2007) but, for whatever reason, America hasn't seemed to catch on just yet.

Les Deesses' sound reminds me little of Makeda- the neo-soul double double royal yet subtle sisters from France. Though born in France, in 1985, these sisters packed their bags and moved to Chad with their mother and father (slowly but surely I'm going to make this Congolese connection). 

Makeda, is a heavenly track. It's one of those nostalgic songs whose sound takes me back to a Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders. 

Both of these tracks, and others that I'll be sure to share with you all in the coming weeks, are going on the "On the Road" playlist.

Peace Peace

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