Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Racial Moment In History?

With this speech, Barack Obama challenged America in ways I do not believe many can. Whether America in its entirety is ready to meet his challenge remains to be answered.


Brother Spotless said...

I have always supported and respected the man. However this was the first time I thought he appeared presidential.

emilyb said...

We've been using the "Race Speech" in class for objectives 1a; 1b; 2c; get the idea.

Great source of analogy that require higher level thinking skills.

I like him. Someone in conversations I've heard recently said, "It's like he's got a little piece of all of us."

I love it when someone can address the reality that we have an older generations in families who, while we love and admire, can say some of the most ignorant, victriolic and yes, racist things. I've never heard anyone beyond those who share and are honest about the "white experience" openly discuss this.

I also loved the analogy of "original sin" in our constitution.