Friday, October 10, 2008

My Top Five Entertaining Political Commentators

5. Sean Hannity

I've never seen a political commentator get owned on a more consistent basis.

4. The Cast of the View

Not quite a one person show, this diverse cast of women is the simply the best daytime show for political entertainment. The combination of Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck makes for great television. And when politics rears it's ugly head you can tell these ladies want to whip out the vaseline and start removing earrings.

It doesn't hurt that I have a Claire Huxtable-esque crush on Whoopi Goldberg either.

3. Chris Matthews

Slight lisp and resilient in his attempt to get his guests to answer his questions. I would love to see him moderate a Presidential debate.

2. Bill Maher

Some of you might be wondering why Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert aren't on this list. We'll oddly enough, I don't find them all that entertaining. All signs point to comedic genius and innovation, but their brand of over the top comedy just doesn't sit well with me.

Bill Maher, in my humble opinion, is a master of political comedy. He has succeeded in furthering the legacy of a Mark Twain brand of comedy, which I believe is the kind of comedy humanity needs. But I'll spare the philosophical rant for another post.

The bottom line is that Bill Maher creates the perfect balance reporting the news responsibly while entertaining his audience while highlighting the comedy that is our reality.

I respect his gangster.

1. Bill O'Reilly

So many clips to choose from. The interview with Cam'ron and Dame Dash, the interview with Phil Donohue, and the interview with Geraldo Rivera all immediately come to mind. His most recent tirade will be sufficient, however.

Need I say more?

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Brother Spotless said...

Maher wouldn't be on my list. First, he's an ideologue without a recognized ideology. Second, half of his zingers are on point and very funny. However, the other half are extreme stretches of connection between actual incidents and the joke he wishes to express. It's a zero-sum game with Maher, and he only wins half the time...

Jon Stewart is on top of his game during campaign season. However, I'd have to include Keith Olbermann before both Stewart and Maher. He's as rediculous on the left as O'Reilly is on the right. These two need to appear on the same show. High comedy...