Thursday, October 02, 2008

What If Obama Loses?

The Polls show that Senator Obama has a 5 point national lead over Senator McCain.

The "Swing State" Polls show that Obama has a smaller, but still significant lead over McCain there.

Republican leadership has eroded the nation's standing, thus diluting our once powerful voice on all global matters.

The current international economic crisis we find ourselves in (well, "we" is a relative term, as taxpayers simply bought houses. Regulatory policies led to the crisis, but I digress…) logically leads to a conclusion that Obama is a better Presidential choice than McCain.

The Democrat should win. But the Democrat running is a black man (no shit, Sherlock). So for the first time in presidential politics, this little thing called the “Bradley Effect” is in play, which could prove all of the fundamentals meaningless.

I'll leave the racial realities of this alone, as they are the cause of my headaches (see my previous post, and the subsequent need to drown out the noise and enjoy Busta Rhymes turn his hat inside out on the Arsenio Hall Show). What I am interested in is what Obama has already accomplished.

You see, Obama tricked America, and in doing so may have created a movement bigger than the presidency. Everyone figured his "Change" message centered on race. It was an easy-enough assumption to make, but that is genius of it all.

“Change” actually represents a different way of governance, one where the smartest person in the room is actually its leader. A restoration of the proud standing our nation once enjoyed in all foreign affairs. “Change” is a return to a time before the Bush Administration defaulted on proverbial payments and screwed up our international credit.

After holding a conversation with a former colleague of mine (a liberal white male in his late-50’s, in case that’s important to you), I realize that the “Change Movement” means something different to an older generation. When we worked together, he often spoke of the revolutionary conversations that took place in smoke-filled coffee houses during the 1960’s. He pined (eloquently, I must say) on the limitless feeling one had concerning the possibilities of revolution and what this nation could become back then. He has lamented that in the days, months, years, and decades since, the limits on possibilities have become ever-pronounced.

Senator Obama has done for him what no individual has done since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: he has brought back that revolutionary mood and the limitless possibilities on what this nation can be. While one cannot speak of revolution and remain politically viable, Obama cleverly dressed his revolutionary message in the clothing of “Change” (dapper garb; both sophisticated and simple in appearance).

So the question bouncing around the minds of many folks (black folks, white folks, Europeans, Asians, as well as a few intelligent dolphins) concerns what happens if Senator Obama loses.

Clearly, the method of governance championed by the Bush Administration will continue under a McCain Administration. But will the revolutionary undercurrent that has swept up folks who do not look like me (but many times think like me) discontinue as well? Or, does real revolution (err…change) actually exist here, thus possessing the ability to continue without status quo leadership?

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