Friday, October 24, 2008

Which Season 4 Wire Character Were You?

By now, most of you should know of my love for HBO's The Wire. I was put on, in the Jeezian sense, one fine evening many years ago at our alma mater. It was Brother Lightness' significant other who suggested I watch the show, but it wasn't until I moved to New York City that I heeded her advice.

I've never been one to set aside time to watch TV, but that all but changed once I started watching The Wire. The Wire captured the street in a compelling, artistic, and unprecedented way. Never had I seen such convincing and complex characters. From the drug dealers to the crackheads to the detectives, the show did justice to life in the streets as many of us know it.

One of the best seasons of the show was Season 4, which dealt with the public school system and the potential it has for curbing drugs and violence in Baltimore. The first scene in this season set the tone for what was to come.

Among other things, revisiting this scene got me revisiting my childhood and wondering which kid I was in the group. For starters, I would have taken the $200 which rules out being Michael. Moreover, even if I had rejected the money, I didn't have it in me at age 13 to stand up to someone like Marlo.

I wasn't Namond, living in the shadow of a renowned dealer and trying to live up to everyone's expectations. I wasn't Randy, schemin' and making pocket money by selling candy to his classmates. And although, I might have had a filthy mouth as a youngin', I was certainly no Kenard.

If I had to put money on it, and if you asked any of my elementary school friends, I was probably closest to Dukie. Thankfully, I didn't have it bad at home. Consequently, I figured out how to "get from here to the rest of the world."

Enough about me though. Which season 4 character were you?
Michael LeeNamond BriceDuquan Randy WagstaffKenard
(Left to right: Michael, Namond, Dukie, Randy, and Kenard)

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Brother Spotless said...

Season 4 of The Wire appealed to me because while growing up I knew a kid like each one of those characters.

But what's strange (to me) relates to how/why the show hit home. I did not experience any of the trials and tribulations that those characters experienced. Season 4 brought to light how fortunate I was to have parents who kept me in line, something none of those kids (both those on the show and those who grew up with me) had.

If forced to choose, I guess my impressionable disposition related most to Dookie.