Monday, December 22, 2008

What's In Your Hand

I've been looking for this video for a minute now. Finally found it.


Anonymous said...

good call on this video...y'all need a brother sister up in here, fyi

Solgenic said...

Will Brother Spotless ever make proper posts out of his tangents and digressions?

Will Brother Drummerologist ever convince the others to full justify their paragraphs?

Will Brother Niceness ever make good on his promise: "The first post of many to come"?

What's in my hand? Brother Lightness' PGM business card. (Business cards! Y'all were some Earnest Brothers.)

Found it while spring cleaning. And after three years as a part of my blog routine, the last two months without a new post, I wonder in which pile PGM, much like a three year-old sweater, belongs.

Has life put the kibosh on the Brothers's earnestness?

In which pile have they placed this blog?

And, most importantly, will brother Lightness and I ever again be blog friends?