Monday, May 04, 2009

Kid Daytona

There's been a lot of hype recently about Drizzy Drake from Toronto. I recently copped his So Far Gone mixtape and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the album and the diversity of the tracks. His style has been juxtaposed, perhaps in an attempt to qualify his style, with that of Kid Cudi. The incorporation of singing with rapping in both of these artist styles is a new phenomenon, or better yet an old phenomenon newly adopted. I would venture to say that Cee-Lo rather than Kanye is responsible for pioneering this in hip-hop, but that's an entirely different post for another time.

I wanted to put everyone on to my homeboy the Kid Daytona. What's wild is that he's had the name Daytona for a minute now. We went to high school together and I'm gripped by nostalgia when I recall the freestyle cyphers that happened during our last period Government class senior year. On two or more occasions I joined the cypher and dropped the poorest verses conceivable. Daytona would just shake his head and laugh at these futile yet entertaining attempts.

Some time last year I ran into Daytona at a club in the meatpacking district. I told him about the fact that we here at PGM had interviewed Kidz in the Hall. I told him I wanted to write something on him as well and we agreed to set some time aside to do that. Long story short, I lost his math. I'm elated to see that he's still doing this thing, however, and putting out good music.

I started off this post talking about Drake because he was one of the new artist that XXL left off its freshmen list. Daytona is, arguably, another one. So with that said, I'll put you on to one of the tracks he did that caught my ear. It was produced by Double O and received mention on Nah Right. Enjoy and look out for an exclusive interview sometime in the near future.

The Kid Daytona - The Engine (Prod. by Double-0)

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